Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Xmas Everybody!

Or "Happy Holidays", as they say here. Yes, I have made my first ever trip to the USA, and amazingly, they let me in. There is so much snow it's unbelievable. Here I am in front of the Madison Boulder, a 5,000 ton glacial erratic, after wading a mile or so through knee-deep powder to get here. There were no other footprints, so we were the first people for days to see it. New Hampshire is astonishingly beautiful.

It's Christmas Day already in England, but there's a few hours to go here. Time to pour a bourbon. Have a good one!

Update added Xmas day:

We walked up by the boulder again today, and met a real nice American couple called Bert and Sue. And waddya know? Bert turns out to be a Leeds fan! Here we all are together. Bert has more brains than the average Loiner (especially the ones who taunted Gary MacAllister last week to the tune of Jimmy Mack: "Ooh Gary Mac, you're gonna get the sack") and told me it was a stupid mistake to sack Macca just before we play Leicester. Still, at least Leeds only spoke to Simon Grayson AFTER he had resigned from Blackpool. Heh, even Bert doesn't believe that one! Happy Christmas...



Wow!!! What a excellent snow!!! It's a great luck.
And I celebrated holidays in my native city Samara (Russia, region of Volga-river). Snow is ABSENT! And it's cold. People hope that snow will appear in New year night and/or (rather!) later. Now I am in Moscow. And - hurrah! - I see a snow here.

"Snow-people" are resplendid! :)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

University of Salford won!!!
Unlike you, unfortunately... :(