Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh Noes, What Have I Done???

I'm off to Rebellion in a bit, but first I thought it was time to rediscover the past. I had many punky hairstyles back in the day, but I have been a bit sensible lately. Enough! So I went down to Boots looking for L'Oreal Super Blonde, which is what we always used for that platinum peroxide Billy Idol look, which is cool on its own or is a great base for brighter colours. I ended up with L'Oreal Blonde Supreme, which sounds similar, doesn't it? Eh? Maybe not!

Here's me before, during and after...

That's not Billy Idol! I'm flamin GINGER! Aaargghh!
Oh well, it still takes a bit of colour OK. Blackpool here I come...


Neuroskeptic said...

The exact same thing happened to me (my hair is as dark as European hair gets).

I tried to dye it blue on the grounds that blue is better than ginger, but it ended up green :P

Never again.

Dr Aust said...

Hmmm. It's a brave man that bleaches his hair past 40...

Generation X (with uber-peroxidista Billy Idol) were the first band I ever saw (early 1978), but my own student efforts with the bleach never did anything apart from generate some rather mangy gingery streaks and tufts.

My conclusion was that peroxide and the Celtic dark colouring don't really mix.

Anonymous said...

Rockin' the red and green! I love it. Have a great time! :D


Ha-ha-ha... :D :D :D

Wow!! Just in time!!!! :)

...and I am sitting and thinking just now what color I should paint on my hair in?... :D
Wow! Now I know!
Where is my ink?... Uh-huh!

Jhon said...

Rocking the red and yellow! I love it. I should paint on my hair in.

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