Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Science of Homeopathy

"I'm going to explain to you exactly actually how it works..."
You may have already seen this video when it first did the rounds a few months ago, giving everyone a good laugh. Now it seems that someone is trying to get it taken off the internet, with the entirely predictable result that hundreds of bloggers are now posting it all over again. Poor Dr Charlene Werner is rather embarrassed by all this attention. Good! This is as dense a pile of teh stoopid as you are ever likely to encounter! Enjoy...


Steve:- said...

Yeah, I remember this, it's brilliant :)
My favourite part is where she mistakes volume for mass.

I assume you've already seen the epic DMCA war between Thunderf00t and VenomFangX on Youtube. Using copyright as a method of censorship will land her arse in a courtroom as the defendant, not the plaintiff.

And yay for the Streisand Effect!

Stu said...

That was hilarious, like someone with Korsakoff's syndrome was given a GCSE science text book and a couple of random non-factoids and asked to explain it.

Mike Eslea said...

The really scary part is that it seems she is actually a real "Dr", an optometrist from Austin, Texas.

Would you let this woman loose on your precious mincers?

Steve:- said...

Oh no! I'd just assumed she was another proud customer of a diploma mill.

SustainableFamilies said...

Oh my GOOOOOD this is hilarious! I'm in Austin surrounded by this tiddlywonkusness. I love nutrition and therapies outside of meds.... however this lady just gathered some completely random and poorly repeated sentences she remembers from basic science classes and then said, "See? Because a CELL, and cytoplasm, so energy and matter and matter is like, nothing, and so homeopathy works. Got it?"

Homeopathy is one of THE most ridiculous treatments options you can find in holistic health (although it has competitors). I think the philosophy of holistic health meaning "looking at the whole person to achieve health in various areas of life" does not mean "believe in utter nonsense"

I do however believe placebos work with very little side affects, so what the heck. I'll make my own sugar pill though thank you, save me money.